Artisan Gourmand

Bakery, pâtisserie and chocolaterie in St-Prex and Yens

Enjoy a moment you can savour.

Saint-Prex 021 525 22 92 Yens +41 (0)21 559 00 10


Discover our desserts, sweet treats and chocolate selections for a


that’s full of love.

Treat your loved ones to a delicious gourmet gift basket.

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From when we open in the morning, you can sample French-style croissants and viennoiserie made with butter and top-quality ingredients

Boulangerie et viennoiserie à St Prex et Yens - Artisan Gourmand

Bakery and viennoiserie

Traditional French baguettes, white bread, homemade sourdough and a selection of speciality breads await you every day at Artisan Gourmand.

Pâtisserie à St Prex et Yens - Artisan Gourmand


Inspired by the seasons, we offer an ever-changing selection of cakes and pâtisserie.

Treat yourself to a little surprise!

Chocolaterie et glacier à St Prex et Yens - Artisan Gourmand

Chocolaterie and ice cream parlour

Enjoy our chocolate and ice cream delights!

Our delicious, sophisticated specialities are all completely homemade.

Traiteur à St Prex et Yens - Artisan Gourmand


Treat yourself and up to 200 guests with our canapés, mini sandwiches and pains surprise.