Chocolaterie and ice cream parlour

100% homemade chocolate and ice creams from Artisan Gourmand

Chocolate bars, individual chocolates, sweet treats and seasonal creations from Artisan Gourmand

There’s always a good reason to treat yourself or someone special to some chocolate!

That’s why we offer chocolate creations set to make grown-ups’ and little ones’ mouths water all year long. For Christmas, Easter, birthdays, as a gesture of thanks or a declaration of love, there’s nothing better than homemade chocolate crafted with care.

Alongside our range of chocolates, we offer a selection of delicious sweets and treats in beautiful boxes: salted caramel made with Madagascan vanilla, chocolate mendiants, macarons made with natural colouring and homemade milk and dark chocolate spreads. And that’s not all: in our stores in St-Prex and Yens, we sell chocolate candies, chocolate-coated candied fruits, savoury breadsticks and packets of sablé biscuits and Breton galettes.

When it’s warm out, you are warmly invited to join us on our terrace to enjoy our delicious ice creams and lactose-free sorbets, available in a wide range of flavours.

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